April 02, 2012

what a weekend........ the fireman and i ended up booking a super last-minute trip to Palm Springs to skip town and relax! a mere two hour road trip filled with about 3 different food stops and one very cozy {passed out} French Bulldog. our first stop was hilarious (at least to me)....... the fireman, the Frenchie, and i finally got on the road with humongous coffees in hand when we made it about 15 minutes from our house and we got a little hungry. oh yes, we didn't even make it onto the freeway when we decided to pull over and grab a few tacos for the road!! mind you we ate breakfast about 45 minutes before we left. this is SO standard for us. what can i say, WE LIKE FOOD! here's how our trip has been so far... yep, we're making it a 3-day-weekend!

//// photo's listed from left to right starting from the top ////

1. our to-go-tacos to kick off the road trip. YUM.
2. Charlie slept the entire way.... she's the baby!
3. big smiles.
4. Palm Springs baby! it was a warm 77° when we pulled into town.
5. bright bikini's!
6. sitting with Charlie in her doggie bed... while sporting some major (crazy) bed-head. me, not Charlie.
7. breakfast: blueberry-banana pancakes with scrambled eggs.
8. sun bathing with the babe.
9. ummmmm, ice cream sandwiches from Tader Joes.
10. the fireman and his pup!
11. cocktail time! blueberry Stolie & soda with a squeeze of orange.
12. our Mid-Century Mod rental... and it's fabulous light fixtures. i love this light!
13. Palm Springs palm trees.
14. margarita's in downtown Palm Springs... and Charlie passed out on my lap.
15. a cactus. or cacti.
16. Charlie & the fireman relaxing.

how was you weekend? did you skip town or stay in??


Heather said...

Those blueberry banana pancakes look amazing!


Megan said...

How fun! I LOVE last minute trips, those are the best. Looks like it was a blast :) Happy Monday!

Katie*Belle said...

Wow, it looks like you had such a fun weekend! I love the photos : )

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Lovely "bits+pieces" :).

Because Shanna Said So said...

Ok, I am slightly jealous as I sit behind my desk on Monday morning. Have a cocktail for me! So glad you guys got away! Enjoy!!
Because Shanna Said So

Ash said...

this is the second palm springs blog post i have read today.. which can only mean one thing, i need to get my butt to palm springs!

(although, to be fair.. i have TWO weddings coming up out there.. so maybe ill just wait until then..)

Unknown said...

ok, so i like you! lol.

we love food too. i could stop for food almost every hour ;).

i adore that hat you're it. where'd you find it?


new follower.

VANESSA said...

Thanks gals! I will definitely have a cocktail you those of you that are working today. One for the homies! ;)

Camille-- my green & white hat is by Hippy Tree (from a local surf shop) & the straw & striped hat is from H&M (in the men's section).

Have a great day guys! xo's

Fiorenza said...

r u on instagram??? would like to follow you !!! ;)



MissCouture17 said...

Mmh, those pancakes look delicious! It looks like you're having a fabulous time! I love your blog, i'm now following!
xx, Kels

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow! loving this pic recap of your trip! looked like a great time!!

Clara Turbay said...

A lot of great ideas.

t said...

Looks like a great weekend!

Kathy said...

sweet!! xoxo

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