TUESDAY-HOW-TO: beach waves

April 10, 2012

today's TUESDAY-HOW-TO is all about those effortless-looking-beachy-waves! this is a talent i have not yet mastered ((even though i tried very hard to last night.)) it's just one of those hair-do's i see and think, man that girl's good! i just don't have the beach-wave skill set, YET! so i am learning today's TUESDAY-HOW-TO right along side with you! below are a few video tutorials & step-by-step how-to's that i found super helpful. it seem as if there are two ways to execute these gorgeous waves. ONE. with a small (slightly rounded) flat iron. and TWO. with a curling wand (like, a curling iron without the original clamp thingy.) so here is a tutorial for each! i hope this helps you get those perfect beachy SPRING TIME WAVES!

////// THIS was my original inspiration for wanting to conquer the wavey look for Spring. you see, my hair is pretty short right now... and i've been feeling like i'm running out of fun hair-do options! hence, today's fabulous HOW-TO! photo via //////

////// here's a helpful HOW-TO video on curling with a wand... this girl is funny. //////

/////// check out HOW-TO make your very own curling wand!! go here! //////

////// check out this HOW-TO on making waves with a flat iron! this girl knows her stuff. //////

////// flat iron tutorial here //////

i hope your learned a little somethin-somethin today. i know i did!!


Anonymous said...

Very useful post! Thanks for sharing.

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

I really love this look, so so chic, I do my hair like this for a while now, it's really pretty.

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Heather said...

I so needed this! Thanks for posting :)


Jenna-emeli said...

really need this its great will try it today :) xx


Kira said...

I have always had a super hard time trying to get my hair to look wavy as well.

chanel said...

If only my hair wasn't so stick straight I could totally get down with this wave and go look! Miss you! See you Wednesday!

hope in high heels said...

This is awesome! Can't wait to try it... am going to a 1920s themed party later in the year so very useful. Thanks for sharing!

Anna G said...

All my friends tell me how jealous that I have beachy curls. I sometimes wish I could do more styles with it though!

Unknown said...

love all of these how tos!

xo SideSmile,


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