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March 18, 2012

 // i like this band. Of Monsters & Men. and i kinda like this pic too. happy sunday! //

happy sleepy sunny {but kinda rainy} sunday! today i'm listening to a band that one of my closest gals turned me onto. you may or may not have heard of them.... they're called Of Monsters & Men. ((and)) i think they're pretty good! i LOVE the girls voice too. hope you're having a great SUNDAY!

{ Of Monsters & Men "Little Talks" i'm pretty sure this song may sound a little familiar. }

{ Of Monsters & Men "Six Weeks" you like? }

{ Of Monsters & Men "Yellow Light" her voice is rad, right!? }

check out more of these guys {{and gal}} songs! oh, go here.
 enjoy! xo's.


hello, Friday said...

Thanks for the tunes! xoxo

Alexa said...

Oh really like their sound...thanks for introducing me!

vanessa (the gal) said...

yay! glad you gals like em! i do too :)

Lauren said...

Thanks so much for sharing this band! They are amazinggg. Can't wait to keep listening.


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