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January 10, 2012

// name a prettier flower then a peony. i can't either! //

there are photographs out there that just make me stop.......... and look a little bit longer. lovely photo's that get my creative wheels spinning, triger an idea, and make me feel bright & colorful. sometimes it's just an object, a thing (in the photo) that i adore and enjoy daydreaming about as if it was apart of my {teeny} tiny world. here are a few photo's of pretty {little} things that inspire me and make me swoooon! sometimes you need to just take a minute to get lost in a lovey photo that make you smile. or at least I do! so here are a few that I have been loving lately...

*want more pretty pics? go here to see a dress a had a little "love at first site" moment with!

oh. so. pretty.
// vintage body forms really do it for me ;) //

// this kelly green & gold teacup makes me smile... is that normal?? //

// gold-y bowls via... i wonder if i can make these?? //

// black sparkle cake via... i WILL make this, oh yes i will. //

// such a sweet little yarn heart... perfect for the pre-Valentines day season //

which pretty thing do you love most???


Katie*Belle said...

Beautiful photos! I love the peony : )

CupcakesOMG! said...

whoaaaaaaaa! i love those bowls too!! and the teacup!!


paislea said...

that cake looks so amazing!!!! this post has such pretty pictures! i love them all !!

allister bee blog

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

The more obvious question here is who WOULDN'T want to drink tea out of that fancy shmancy green cup? Love it!


Unknown said...

Peony's are truly the most perfect flower. Love all of these treasures!




Meenakshi (meen-ak-she) said...

Such beautiful pics!

VANESSA said...

I agree with you all!
Erin- How about drinking a Cosmo in that perfect green cup?? Now that's what I'm talking about!! ;)

alisialynn said...

That cake!!! It is so beautiful, it would break my heart the be the one that cuts it-what fancy and fun finds!
xx, alisia e

Unknown said...

That kelly green teacup is precious. That color is my favorite!


Minted Magazine said...

So pretty indeed

Minted Magazine

Ella said...

Amazing pictures, the cake looks yummy! I like your blog so much!


kelly @ paper doll theory said...

ooo i think you could totally make those bowls. and that cake looks so cool! lovely post :)

love kelly

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