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January 12, 2012

// photo's by the fashion gal //

yesterday was a busy {busy} day! getting back into the swing of things after a wonderful trip is always a bit of a challenge. my day was full of meetings, following up with clients, and running around town... which was all good... except that i never made enough time to unpack from my trip! so it's officially on the to-do-list for tomorrow: "MUST UNPACK". in the mean time, check out what i wore! this is my go-to RUN AROUND TOWN {grunge-y} UNIFORM, that with a little lipstick can get you through the busiest of days! 

*little styling tip: in my opinion... Denim & Denim almost ONLY works if the denim's are two different colors and the styling is done with much caution! because NO ONE wants to be caught in the denim tuxedo!!! oh no you don't! ;)
**a little shout out to Olympic Optics in Manhattan Beach {CA} who gifted me these FABULOUS SHADES! i've been buying my sunnies from them for years... and appreciate the love! i dig em.

GAL ABOUT TOWN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

{the goods:}
top: Raquel Allegra // jean jacket: vintage // grey jeans: Target! (i'm pretty sure they're still in stock too... so act fast!) // short boots: Aqua (Bloomingdale's... AND they're on sale!) // funky bag: a cool shop in Cabo... sorry. // long necklace: a vintage coin on a chain // sunnies: Olympic Optics // lipstick: MAC liner (Beet) lipstick (Girl about town) // coffee: Pete's Ice Coffee (YUM)

what's your {fabulous} go-to look these days??? do you love yourself some grunge fashion too? i do!
AND ps... doesn't bright lipstick just brighten up any old day!?


Natali said...

Looking great, quite boho too :)
That bag is very beautiful!


Tulips & Tulle said...

Love the lippy! Please come visit Tulips&Tulle : )

paislea said...

you are just too cute! i love that you can get away with things like this!!

allister bee blog

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Bright lipstick is for SURE my cure-all! Especially days when I feel like the rest of me looks unfortunate. At least I have on lipstick.


Shannon Marie said...

Love the outfit, but i LOVE the jean jacket :) I think people forget how wonderful they are. Have a great day! xo

Annie said...

I totally agree...ONLY works with 2 contrasting denims. You look super cute as always...love those boots :)

The Other Side of Gray

noone said...

lovely outfit! I like your denim jacket a lot!

navy and orange said...

Loving the sunnies! And I think your look works as there is some space between the denim plus the total difference in color! Great post!

xoxo navy & orange

Jersey Blogess said...

I do love the denim on demin alot - I like you put them together here. very cute.

Heather said...

You do denim on denim perfectly - this look is so laid back chic!


bevy said...

it is indeed a great running around town outfit! like the pop of color too!

Unknown said...

woww.. love this casual look so much !!
so trendy and comfy as well =)
love this interesting art blog too..
hope we can be friend in here,
please follow my blog, and i'll follow this interesting blog of course =D



Courtney B said...

Love your outfit. You are gorgeous!

MyStyle: Dawn-2-Dark said...

I really like this outfit! It's very boho with an edge! I'll definitely try it out. It looks very comfy!

Anonymous said...

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