a {TOUCH} of fur...

January 26, 2012

// FUR BABY!!! let's just say... this is my  d r e a m  space. the wood, the lighting, the fur... a dream!  photo via // 

i have jumped on this fur-band-wagon like most LA folk to the Lakers during NBA playoffs! hey... i'm guilty for both. no secrets here! but i can say i am really enjoying this MAJOR FUR COMEBACK! it's a trend that's come and gone over the years, but this time it's sudo-hipster-chic... and guess what, i dig it!!! so let's take a peek at HOW WE can add this fun trend into our homes without breaking our piggy banks! here are a few photo's to inspire your fur insertion...

*have you been wearing any of this texture fun?? here is some wearable-fur inspiration for ya... oh, here.

// i adore these grey furs! the colors in the fur pull the whole room together! and you can invest in just a couple pillows or a fur throw blanket to transform a room and add that fun texture. photo's via & via //

// is that a modern rocking chair i see... with a little fur-love???? so awesome! the fur draped over is really the cherry on top! i adore all the fabulous mixing n' matching of prints, colors, & textures in this room! i bet you could get this look by scouting out your local flea market. get those deals people! photo via //

// an easy way to achieve this furry trend is to drape a little fur over your office chair! PS: IKEA has great {small} pieces of white fur right now... i just picked one up! $30! not to shabby right? was a pun??? ;) Go here to IKEA to check out the goods. photo via & via //

well are you LOVING this fuzzy-trend??? and better yet, have you jumped on the band-wagon!? 
what piece of fur have you added to you cozy home?


Tulips & Tulle said...

Love the first one!

Please come by Tulips&Tulle soon!

paislea said...

ahhh! i love the little bits of fur here and there! it's so cute!!

allister bee blog

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Mo (New on U) said...

Only if we're talking FAUX fur, right??

Kira said...

I like the texture and softness, but I'm totally not into real fur. There are great faux options these days though, like the options you talked about at IKEA. Super soft and totally reasonably priced :)

Unknown said...

Those looks so cozy. I might have to buy myself one. haha


Annie said...

I am for SURE on the fur bandwagon - love your ideal space, that fur chair looks amazing and SO comfy :)

The Other Side of Gray

Elle Sees said...

i like a dash of fur every now and again

kat @ paper doll theory said...

love all of this! such a great touch :)
hope you can stop by!!


Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

i'm totally down with a touch of fur. love these rooms!

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