GAME DAY baby!

January 30, 2012

// best Super Bowl appetizer ever! individual Seven Layer Dips?! genius!! //

well  the BIG game day {aka. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY 2012!} is right around the corner! woowhooo! and with all this excitement, you'd think i was a huge football fan. well, not entirely... i'm a fan of sports & parties! my top 3 favorite things about the Super Bowl is........ ONE. the food! an endless amount of delicious snacky foods will get me excited for any sporting event! TWO. the awesome Super Bowl commercials. hey, i'll grab the beer refills during the game... but I won't miss those million dollar commercials! THREE. men in spandex. ladies, if you say you're not checking those boys out... you're lying ;) since the fireman and i are having a couple friends over to watch the game (as many friends that will fit on our L-Shape couch) we need to figure out what delicious appz & food to serve! here is my SUPER BOWL MENU INSPIRATION!

***the trick to enjoying your own Super Bowl Party is to only choose dishes that can be made ahead of time & prepare in advance... you want to be able to enjoy the game too! 

// Bruschetta- the Italian chips n' salsa! this will add a little gourmet twist to your football day! recipe via //

// Mushroom & Swiss Sliders w. Spicy Fri Sauce- anything bite size and made out of meat is a winner for this special Sunday!! give those boys {& girls} what they want! ps: veggie patty's can always be subbed for your veggie-friends... us veggie-peeps appreciate the effort ;) recipe via //

// Onion Dip- YUM!!! can you tell which app I'm most excited for?! ummmm, with those original ridged ruffles? yum, the salty ones!? and how good does the caramelized onions look? recipe via //

// Spicy Wings- what goes better with football then some spicy chicken wings?! maybe a cold beer? recipe via //

// Veggie Cups- let's balance out those carbs with some veggies. i LOVE the idea of these individual cups! they are ready to go & are super easy to eat without a table in front of you. photo via //

// Homemade Pizza- the best thing about homemade pizza is you get to put whatever you want on it! hell, crack an egg on one if you like. Martha Stewart has about 1,000 pizza recipes here //

what are your big GAME DAY plans???


Tulips & Tulle said...

These all look so amazing! Loving your choices!

Come drop by my blog at Tulips&Tulle!

Anonymous said...

Great idea on individual servings I hate sharing with double dippers ;-)

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Oooo! I saw those mini 7 lay dip aps on pinterest the other day and think they are the BEST idea! Yum.


bevy said...

here i am trying to convince myself to go work out, and you have me drooling over food. it all looks so yum!

chanel said...

Ummmm, that onion dip looks amazing!

xo chanel

jessica // union shore said...

such fun ideas! all of them look delish!

paislea said...

that 7 layer dip looks amazing! i'm starvingggg!

drop by allister bee soon!

Kira said...

I love the individual cup idea for the dip and the veggies!

Sara C. said...

why don't you prepare an amazing pasta salad? fusilli with tomatoes, basil, feta cheese, black olives...and then you just watch the game!
I am happy to follow your blog!
Sara C.

katie walker said...

loving the idea of the individual layer dip and the veggie cups! no worries about double dipping!

Unknown said...

I just ate dinner, but those photos are making me hungry again! :) Yummy!

trishie said...

Everything looks AMAZING! Especially love the bruschetta

Unknown said...

You've made me feel SOO hungry, and I have already eaten dinner!

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