holy frittata!

January 11, 2012

// photo's by the fashion gal //

ok, i know you must be thinking... is this girl crazy(?), is she really showing us how to cook eggs!!? no! well YES, but these puppies are SO good and worth hearing me out for!!! when i was in Miami {over the weekend} i had the honor of cooking with my oldest brother, who is in fact a FABULOUS cook! he can whip up anything from a gourmet roast to a chocolate souffle that will blow your mind & look professional. oh, and of course a killer Frittata that i was (obviously} very impressed by. to put it in other words... i didn't know what it was to "reduce" balsamic vinegar until he clued me in. i thought it meant to literally reduce... like USE LESS! so here it is, a pepper-y (& fluffy) frittata to mix up your morning ritual!

4 eggs (yolks & whites)
2 just yokes
5 grinds of sea salt
6 grinds of peeper (*this is the key! lots of pepper!)
6 grinds italian seasoning
 a splash of water
colby jack cheese (as much as you like)

HOW TO make a Frittata...
{heat that pan up! we want these puppies to cook perfectly... a couple notches past medium is perfect! add butter.}
 {combine eggs, egg yokes, salt, pepper, italian seasoning, and a little splash of water... now get whisking!!}
 {the important part(!!!) make sure to constantly lift the bottom on the eggs... in a circular motion, like above photos!}
 {keep on lifting those eggs until almost completely cooked... then (gently) flip! good luck! then... turn off the heat (once flipped) and grade your cheese onto the eggs... cover to melt.}
{once cheese is melt-y and delicious looking... garnish the top with more italian seasoning & serve! to spice things up, add a little green tobasco to the top of your creation. and, ENJOY!}

hungry??? i am!
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Natali said...

Yummy :) Nice breakfast!


Jersey Blogess said...

Holly Crap that look GOOD!! Um, is your brother single...lol this looks so delicious!!!! love it!! i will have to try this.

paislea said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm! now doesn't that look so delicious!!! i'm starving!!! i will for sure have to give this a try tomorrow!

allister bee blog

Katie*Belle said...

Yum! This looks delicious!

Megan said...

Yummm! I love eggs and this looks amazing!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Probably shouldn't have peeked at this 15 minutes before lunch time... the agony! This looks delish!


VANESSA said...

Jersey- You're awesome! I love it!! Nope he is definitely not single... check out Monday's post... same brother, one wife, two baby boys. Sorry mama! ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate it! And I'd love to take you up on your offer of following each other! You have a great blog! =]


Justine said...

I hate being the person to leave corrections in your comments, but you accidentally put "(genitally) flip" instead of "gently." Unless you meant genitally. In which case, I think you left out the most interesting photo of the process ;)

Kira said...

It sounds delicious. So much better than the fruit loops I had for breakfast, haha.

alicia said...

well I for ONE am glad you showed us "how to make eggs" because I don't even know how to make a frittata! haha yours looks delicious! I will be using your tutorial. ;)

VANESSA said...

LOL! Justine- I so appreciate your comment/ correction! It's like if you have food in your teeth and no one tells you!!! What can I say... I have a perverted spell checker! ;)

Ella said...

I love your recipies! I will try this tomorrow for breakfast, I'm already following you ;) Tanks for coming through my blog this morning!



kelly @ paper doll theory said...

yum. loveee eggs in any form. this i will have to try.

love kelly


Celebrity Owned said...

Oh myyyy that looks amazing!!! I love the barefoot contessa's frittata recipe too!!

Check out our blog and do some shopping!!
xx Julie xx

Tulips & Tulle said...

Looks delish! Please come visit Tulips&Tulle : )

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