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pretty {little} things...

January 10, 2012

// name a prettier flower then a peony. i can't either! //

there are photographs out there that just make me stop.......... and look a little bit longer. lovely photo's that get my creative wheels spinning, triger an idea, and make me feel bright & colorful. sometimes it's just an object, a thing (in the photo) that i adore and enjoy daydreaming about as if it was apart of my {teeny} tiny world. here are a few photo's of pretty {little} things that inspire me and make me swoooon! sometimes you need to just take a minute to get lost in a lovey photo that make you smile. or at least I do! so here are a few that I have been loving lately...

*want more pretty pics? go here to see a dress a had a little "love at first site" moment with!

oh. so. pretty.
// vintage body forms really do it for me ;) //

// this kelly green & gold teacup makes me smile... is that normal?? //

// gold-y bowls via... i wonder if i can make these?? //

// black sparkle cake via... i WILL make this, oh yes i will. //

// such a sweet little yarn heart... perfect for the pre-Valentines day season //

which pretty thing do you love most???

a {very} PROUD Auntie...

January 09, 2012

// photo's by the fashion gal... and babies by my brother & sister-in-law! //

well, my heart has offically melted into a big pile of goo. i'm in Miami visiting my two BEAUTIFUL nephews (ages: 13 monthes & 10 days old!!!), my oldest brother, and my fabulous {super-woman} sister-in-law! man, she's amazing. so my mom and i took the trip to swoon over my 1st (ever) newphew Kasen and our NEWEST addition Parker!! Happy 10th Day in the world, Parker! welcome!!! now, when i say these kids are cute... i'm not just a {crazy} PROUD Auntie, ok maybe i am... but you've got to see these two!! OH MMMM G. i can't get over it. seriously, i think my sister-in-law (Natalie) is slighty worried about a baby-stealing situation. i'm in-love with these boys. now Natalie would never brag and force her babies photo's on people, but i will!!! no shame here ;)

**since this blog post isn't so fashion-y or food-y (just all bragging)... i figured i'd share a yummy salmon recipe i found over the weekend & a pair of heels that i love & need! chick HERE & HERE for the goods!!

the boys...

{Kasen, Phillip, Natalie, & Parker... one happy little clan!}

are there any other CRAZY in-love Aunties out there?!?
or am i alone on this fantastic island?

now walk it out...

January 06, 2012

// photo's by the fashion gal... like my ninja kick!? //

happy friday friends! how was the first week of your new year?! if you made any resolutions... have you stuck by them so far? well if so, good for you!! i always try to make FUN resolutions... like ones that i will keep & enjoy doing all year long! except for that time i resolved to drink more water... and was dehydrated for 11 month's of the year. i figure, we all set {serious} goals throughout the year, so i see a New Years Resolution as an opportunity to make a FUN goal that i look forward to accomplishing! 

my resolutions...
1. Walk it Out: i love going on walks & hikes where we live. there are so many awesome areas with such beautiful views. you can walk through tall trees and up big hills all while having a clear view of the ocean. so i am planning on taking more time to WALK IT OUT! and not with the pressure of loosing weight, but just to get outside and do something i love! so walking {or hiking} it is!

2. Learn New Recipes: (oh, and drink wine while doing so!) remember, just trying to get those antioxidants! who's with me!? but really, i love cooking and feel like i'm getting pretty good at a couple fireman faves, but i want to be FEARLESS in my kitchen! yes mam! i want to have a repertoire of recipes under my belt! so having fun in the kitchen, while making a ton of mistakes i'm sure, and playing around with new recipes sounds like the PERFECT resolution to me! 

check out more FUN resolutions here!

5 way's to get a little PEP in your STEP...
1. get a good playlist... good music always helps.
2. walk with a girlfriend... a little gossip time, or catching up can speed those wheels up
3. find a hike or walk that you love... maybe one with some pretty sights to see
4. write down on your calender the days you walked... just to feel extra accomplished & modivated
5. spice up your walking gear... sporting bright colors always makes me feel more energetic! Target has awesome bright workout gear... AND at such a good price! my sports bra & socks (above) are from Tar-get'!

have a great weekend! and if you get a chance... walk it out!!!
xo, the gal!

holiday {kick-off} party...

November 28, 2011

// photo's & jewelry by the fashion gal //

what better way to kick-off the holidays then with a {fabulous} party with your uber-fabulous friends! over the weekend my good friend Meagan hosted a Holiday Art (jewelry + home decor) Open House Party! wow that's a mouth-full... i guess i'm not really sure what the party was called exactly, but boy was it fun, fun, fun! we had wine for days, the perfect combo of salty & sweet snacks, and some festive home decor AND my very own hand-made jewelry! i was so flattered when my gal Meagan asked for me to show my jewels, but was even more flattered when my friends (and a few new friends) started to buy them! they seemed to really dig the stuff too(!!). this was no Black Friday at Walmart situation, but the party-peeps were definitely swarming my little jewelry table. so i'd have to say this fun party was not only a great time to catch up with girlfriends for the (pre)holidays, but was also a total success for my little jewelry world too!

*well it's official! you can NOW find my jewelry on Etsy {just click here}! more to be up soon. yippy(!)
**so how was your weekend?? were you in a food coma for most of it or did you already jump on the holiday band-wagon!? AND did any of you shop the Black Friday Sales? any crazy stories to share?? i'd love to hear them!

a Holiday ART {jewelry + home decor} open house PARTY!!
{jewelry made by me... and home decor by Lindsey MacDonald}
{these puppies are my ultimate go-to-bracelets! i think i've worn them in almost every "what i wore". the perfect layering piece! they were also my first GIVEAWAY on my blog. the pearls are from my last trip to Bali (see here) and i swear the more you wear them, the pearls actual shine brighter because the oil in you skin essentially polishes them!}

{here are a few of my home-made necklace's!  i brought about 20 pieces and came home with only 3!!! right now i only have a couple pieces on my Etsy account... click here and let me know what you think!}

{i sold a pretty assortment of vintage costume jewelry as well... it was all sold out with in the first 30 mins!}

{left: Kelly has killer style and i was so excited she loved my jewelry! right: our AMAZING hostess... shopping of course!}

{check out more of the fabulous home decor (that she sells) on Lindsey's Etsy! she has some great stuff peeps!}

{calories!? what are those??? it's the holidays!!! wink-wink!}

{these are the best crunchy crackers from Whole Foods... super delish with soft cheese, like Brie!}

{i have no words... these frosting coated pretzel thingies made my NIGHT! Trader Joe's. yum yum yum, i'm serious.}

i hope you all have a wonderful week! PS: has anyone started their Christmas Shopping yet? if you missed Friday's post (due to a severe food-coma) check it out here... great gift ideas for men!

click me for a good time... or just for some jewelry! ;)


October 27, 2011

// my favorite part of Oktoberfest... the pretzels! //

are you're kidding... is it really October 27th already?!? how did this month FLY by so quickly!? now i only have 4 days left to go and celebrate (being German) at my local Okoberfest! oompapa-oompapa! if you're not really sure what Oktoberfest is... don't worry, i got you covered. Oktoberfest is a fancy word that means a HARVEST CELEBRATION. it is the largest Fall Festival in the world, with the biggest celebration taking place in Munich (MYOO-nik) near Bavaria. did you know that over 6 million visitors go to Munich (each year) to eat sausage, drink beer, and partake in the traditional German games and to sing the traditional German songs... that's a lot of fabulous (drunk & happy) people!!! AND did you know that most places in Germany actually start celebrating Oktoberfest mid-way through September? those German's really know how to party! i have such wonderful memories going to Oktoberfest when i was a little kid and my parents dressing us up in little Lederhosens  (for the boys) and a mini dirndl (for me). we would go every Sunday afternoon for "family day" during the month of October... that's when all the local German families would go to show off there kids and have a Sunday afternoon beer. Proost!

here are a few things i LOVE about 
O K T O B E R F E S T...
{the Traditional Bavarian Dirndls... hey if Kim Kardashian thinks Oktoberfest is cool, well then come on!}
{the amazing German beers and the fabulous glasses & steins they come in! the "boot" is the most fun to drink out of!}
{the people watching!! i'm counting 11 HUGE steins! how many do you see???}
{this is a tradition German breakfast... you can usually find these yummy breads & cheeses at the German grocery store. they are not however (typically) served at Oktoberfest... the pickles & mustard are amazing too! if you ever go into a German grocery store, buy yourself some bread, cheese, mustard, & pickles}
{the tradition German cookies (aka: Pfeffernusse!), see recipe here}
{and maybe a little German Chocolate Cake (!?), see recipe here}
{The Tradition German Outfits: 1. Bavarian-style alpine hat... hopefully with a feather & collected pins in it / 2. Traditional Bavarian trachten shirt / 3. Lederhosen / 4. Knee socks / 5. Leather boots / 6. Head scarf / 7. A pretty dirndl blouse / 8. Bodice aka. push-up bra / 9. A dirndl / 10. Leather shoes /11. Steins}

now that you know all about the Oktoberfest Tradition... do you think you'll check it out???
remember Kim K. thinks it's cool! (wink-wink!)

a match made in heaven...

September 30, 2011

there aren't too many things in life better then cheese & wine. i love trying new cheeses {& wines} and pairing them with different foods. for example... a salty Parmesan cheese tastes perfect with a sweet fig jam and a big glass of red wine. in my little world this could be considered a meal... a perfect little meal. the fireman however needs a bit more then some cheese and wine for dinner. so last night i arranged a salty/sweet cheese pairing platter, while the fireman grilled his idea of a perfect pairing... a ribeye steak and kale sautee. it was a perfect night in!

*a little foodie note: i picked up these a-mazing ingredients at my favorite Italian deli Baycities in Santa Monica. if you're ever in their neck of the woods... stop by for lunch & a little grocery shopping. i promise it's a pretty special place!

cheese + wine
{i was SO happy to use my new teeny-tiny spoon i picked up at the flea market last month... and check out my new cheese cleaver!!! i'm in love! the fireman thinks it awesome too. check it out here}

{the cheeses were amazing! and the wine we washed it all down with was a yummy Malbac. yum yum!}

{i have been eye-balling this {REAL} honeycomb for a while now. i was SO excited to finally try it... and it turns out that this textured treat was the very best part of the entire pairing process! this cool comb would even make a great hostest gift the next time you go to a party!}

{make sure when you go to Baycities to grab some of their fresh baked bread. to die for.}

if you have any yummy pairing tips or a cheese you can't live without let me know... 
i would love to hear what cheese makes your world complete! 
comment below or message me on facebook

have a wonderful weekend! xo- the gal

{FALL}ing head over heels...

September 26, 2011

this past saturday felt like the first day of Fall (!) yippy! in manhattan beach it was cool, crisp, & overcast... just how i like it! seriously, i love it (the cloudier the better.. i know it sounds crazy!). other then the change in weather there are so many things that i love about Fall. fashion aside (that's another post on it's own!), it's such an exciting (& cozy) time of year. i love the crisp cloudy mornings, the layers of cashmere & cottons, and the warmth of my tiny kitchen when we're cooking or i'm baking. it's a time of year to host a party and visit w. friends & family. here are few more reason's i love this change of seasons...

{t e n} reasons to LOVE  t h e  F a l l . . .
// photos by Pinterest //
{one. Cozy sweaters... i love love LOVE cozy chunky knitted sweaters.}
{two. Chai tea lattes. even though i'm a Pete's gal... i love The (star)Bucks Chai Latte! yum yum!!}
{three. Cooking warm comfort food... and playing around w. new rich recipes}
{four. Preparing for the fun holidays ahead! Holloween & my ultimate favorite Thanksgiving!
{five. Roasting pumpkin seeds! check out this salty delicious pumpkin seed recipe
{six. Shopping for the perfect pair of boots. right now i'm liking (L) Dolce Vita (R) Miz Mooz
{seven. Using my Crock-Pot! here's a yummy creamy chicken & wild rice soup recipe}
{eight. Breaking out my scarfs! you'd think i live in Minnesota the way i bundle up!}
{nine. Drinking hot chocolate... and not feeling guilty about it}

{ten. Cuddling up on a rainy day... with the fireplace on! in my opinion there is NOTHING better.}

what do you love about Fall?????

5 things: abbot kinney

August 16, 2011

since the fireman is off hunting (you heard right, hunting) and busy doing some serious man-stuff... i figured i'd use my day-off for some quality me time! so off to abbot kinney i went. i guess i was missing the fireman (just a little... ya right SO much) because this is a place we like to explore together. we have a few favorite hot-spots that we usually hit up... a few too many to list & picture today. so here are just a few i visited on my solo-trip...

ps: this jem-of-a-street (abbot kinney) is hidden in venice beach, CA.

***check out previous "5 things we are loving" here & here...

{#1... L E M O N A D E: fast fresh food}
{w. a fresh zesty name like "Lemonade" they sure follow through by making their own home-made lemonade, lemon cakes, and lemon cookies... oh and healthy stuff too}
{lemonade has quick, healthy, farmers market fresh food that is great if you're on a lunch date or 
dining solo}
{not only are their lemonade's delissssh... but so are they're lemon cupcakes. yum yum!}
{i didn't try their coconut cake today... but it sure looked yummy! and i'm kinda in-love w. this cake platter. what a great color!}

{#2... S T R O N G H O L D: clothing store}
{this is probably the fireman's ultimate shopping experience. he is definitely not the shopper of the family, but when he visits Stronghold... it's hard to get him out of there!}
{good ole Red Wings. if you are looking for a quality boot that will last you a lifetime, check these out}
{Stronghold is known for it's old school workman's clothing. they carry brands like Pendleton, Red Wing, and custom make high-quality denim products in-house.}
{anyplace that serves whisky (in beautiful crystal decanters) while you shop... is simply amazing to me. i LOVE these little touches... even though i'm not much of a whisky drinker!}

{#3... F I R E F L Y: gift & clothing store}
{i love this store for a few reasons: great gifty-things, cool coffee-table books, great (inexpensive) jewelry, funky stationary, retro kitchen stuff, & they carry Cosa Bella bras}
{no, you're SUPER!!}
{these matchbooks made me think of the fireman on his hunting trip... poor bambi (sad-face)}

{#4... I N T E L L I G E N T S I A: coffee shop}
 {if you only have time for one stop while visiting abbot kinney... this is one stop you MUST make}
{yep, i splurged. it's called an Affogato Gelato. it's a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream w. espresso in a sweet little dessert cup. amazing.}
{if gelato & espresso isn't your thing... then i would recommend a good ole latte in a real porcelain cup. if you have the time to drink your coffee there... the cup (surprisingly) makes a big difference, i promise}

{#5... A L T E R I N A T I V E: clothing store}
{one of my favorite things about this new shop is the funky merchandising... inside & outside the store. i love this idea of planting a succulent garden in old cans!}
{this cool men's & woman's store is inside an original craftsman style home. i love!}
{alternative carries the softest coziest cotton sweatshirts i have ever felt. when you start looking for your next cozy sweatshirt... check these guys out. you will be hooked!}

what a great day (!)... however, i sure did miss the fireman on my solo-mission. 
till next time!

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