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January 06, 2012

// photo's by the fashion gal... like my ninja kick!? //

happy friday friends! how was the first week of your new year?! if you made any resolutions... have you stuck by them so far? well if so, good for you!! i always try to make FUN resolutions... like ones that i will keep & enjoy doing all year long! except for that time i resolved to drink more water... and was dehydrated for 11 month's of the year. i figure, we all set {serious} goals throughout the year, so i see a New Years Resolution as an opportunity to make a FUN goal that i look forward to accomplishing! 

my resolutions...
1. Walk it Out: i love going on walks & hikes where we live. there are so many awesome areas with such beautiful views. you can walk through tall trees and up big hills all while having a clear view of the ocean. so i am planning on taking more time to WALK IT OUT! and not with the pressure of loosing weight, but just to get outside and do something i love! so walking {or hiking} it is!

2. Learn New Recipes: (oh, and drink wine while doing so!) remember, just trying to get those antioxidants! who's with me!? but really, i love cooking and feel like i'm getting pretty good at a couple fireman faves, but i want to be FEARLESS in my kitchen! yes mam! i want to have a repertoire of recipes under my belt! so having fun in the kitchen, while making a ton of mistakes i'm sure, and playing around with new recipes sounds like the PERFECT resolution to me! 

check out more FUN resolutions here!

5 way's to get a little PEP in your STEP...
1. get a good playlist... good music always helps.
2. walk with a girlfriend... a little gossip time, or catching up can speed those wheels up
3. find a hike or walk that you love... maybe one with some pretty sights to see
4. write down on your calender the days you walked... just to feel extra accomplished & modivated
5. spice up your walking gear... sporting bright colors always makes me feel more energetic! Target has awesome bright workout gear... AND at such a good price! my sports bra & socks (above) are from Tar-get'!

have a great weekend! and if you get a chance... walk it out!!!
xo, the gal!


Katie*Belle said...

I love this! Now I'm definitely going to make walking it out part of my New Year's resolution. Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

Ella said...

Hey! Thanks for following my blog and for your cute comment! I'm now following you! Have a nice day!


chanel said...

I wanna go for walk, coffees in hand!

xo chanel

bevy said...

Thank you so much for the reminder. I need more sports bras and I was just on the Target site seeing what else I can add to my cart to receive the free shipping, haha. I will now have a lovely orange sports bra coming my way!

Mon said...

WOW! Your blog is amazing i love each post now im a fan the diy are lovely! Congratulations!

I´m your newest follower!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

I definitely agree that a good playlist makes a WORLD of difference when trying to get motivated to work out :)


VANESSA said...

Bevy- You will LOVE this sports bra! I have it in every (bright) color!! ;)

Love Sparkle Pretty said...

Oo i would love new "walking gear" :) where abouts do u live? Your photos are beautiful and the views of the ocean are priceless! Everywhere around me is just desert :( dirt, rocks, and joshua trees....yaayyy :-/

Shannon Marie said...

Love this! The best part about working out with a friend, for me, is that it turns a workout into social hour too :) it makes exercising WAY more fun! :) good luck keeping your goals! xo

Unknown said...

Oh yess. I totally need to start working out :)

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Shanelé said...

love it! Very inspiring!

Question: What program do you use for your collages like in this post? You can email ( or tweet (@shanelesheek) me if you get a chance.

Thanks so much!


paislea said...

great post!!!!! and i love those shoes and your cute colorful outfit!!

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