November 02, 2012

photo's + DIY by the fashion gal

happy friday friends! i know i promised more wedding photo's this week... but, but ,but i don't have all my pics together, yet! i'm sorry!!! forgive me and tune in next week. i really hope to have a few more fab photo's for you then. sooooooooooooooo to make it up to you, i have a fun little DIY! now let's parlay those pumpkins from halloween into thanksgiving... all with a little metallic spray paint! if you're like me and like having holiday decorations up throughout the season (ie. thanksgiving... it's right around the corner, can you believe it!?!?)... but who really wants to spend a ton of dough on these fab decorations!? so here is a DIY for under $10!! 

**check out more DIY's here.
you'll need:
-  metallic spray paint (rose gold & yellow gold)
- your halloween pumpkins
spray one side, let dry, then flip and spray the other! (it's the easiest DIY, ever!)

mix a few Cinderella pumpkins & mini pumpkins with your new shiny guys.
i decorated our front table a little too.

before                                                  after

not too shabby right?! and for under 10 bucks!!
have a great weekend!


Annie said...

this is such a great diy idea! I never saw that before!

X, Annie

Unknown said...

Oh I love the metallic spray on the pumpkins! Great idea!


Unknown said...

These are so adorable! Love them!


Kira said...

Cute, love the metallic look!

Julie said...

I have to do this! Thanks for sharing. Where did you purchase the rose gold spray paint and do you know the color name?
Thanks so much!

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