A non-stretchy pant, THANKSGIVING OUTFIT!

November 21, 2012

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i LOVE thanksgiving. it is by far my favorite holiday. it's like Christmas, but without all the gifts. just time well-spent with your family, friends, and loved ones... i'm also game for any holiday that involves tons of food, maybe a little cat-nap, some more food, and then dessert! this year the fireman, charlie (the pup), and i will be celebrating thanksgiving, TWICE! oh yes that's right! with his family thursday... and my family friday! yuuuuuuuuuuuuup, two thanksgivings! nom nom nom! and that is one of the many reasons i'm feeling extra thankful this year. 

*check out a few fabulous thanksgiving recipes from last turkey day.

... oh yeah, and here are some fabulous thanksgiving OUTFIT inspiration! have a great turkey day!
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ok ok, may ONE stretchy-pant outfit! how comfy do these puppies look!?
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what are you Thanksgiving plans this year?


R said...

those pants really do look comfy!!


Emily said...

I love Thanksgiving as well, such a fun holiday! I am loving all of these looks!


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