November 28, 2012

 photo's by the fashion gal

sunday was the fireman's 31st birthday! coming out of a busy week full of family & tons of holiday action... the fireman wanted to just chill out on his big day. we started the day with breakfast in bed and then rode our beach crusin bikes to a killer brunch {Baleen in Redondo}. i ordered a smoked salmon benedict & he had a huge hamburger, YUM!! the only to-do's on the birthday boys to-do list was 1. get a hair cut and 2. get a really good cup of coffee. so off to Baxter Finley (the super cool LA barber shop) we went! .... and of course stopped by DUES for a quick cup of jo on our way home. the night ended on our couch with easy delicious take-out & a couple good movies. perfection!

*see the fireman's birthday cake here.

it was a much needed mellow, but great day.


Rosie said...

Ok, you guys are too cute and that cake looks amazing! I may have to make that for my hubby's bday in 2 weeks....xo

Carried Away said...

Great Pics! He looks really happy! Enjoy!

Karen A. said...

This birthday looks perfect! Too cute :)

Nurse Frugal said...

Just found your blog through cupcakes and cashmere! I love it!!! I'm married to a fireman too...it's so awesome ;)

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing. I love how thoughtful everything was. Xoxo

vanessa (the gal) said...

wow thanks gals!! you're making me feel like an AWESOME wifey!

Rosie-- you HAVE to make thie cake... it's super easy & delish!!

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