November 19, 2012

photos taken by the fashion gal & via

it was just one month ago when the fireman & i got home from our Italian honeymoon. it was romantic, full of food, wine, walking, too much gelato, a masquerade ball, and the very beginning of the rainy season. we walked with our umbrellas and made sure to have an afternoon coffee to stay warm. we never expected that the streets we strolled on would be under water just one month later. i'm sure you've heard by now that central Venice is severely flooded and that 70% is under water! i couldn't imagine trying to schlep our huge suitcases through the water like you see in the photo's below. these Italians are tough and seem to be handling this severe weather in stride.

on our last day in Venice, the water level rose up to sit even with the sidewalk.
this restaurant sits right next to the Grand Canal.

these photo's are crazy... 
i can't believe we were just there walking down each one of these streets. 
pretty good sports, right?!


Anonymous said...

Incredibly good sports!

VANESSA said...


Holly said...

i heard about the flood on the news! so crazy!

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