March 27, 2013

Pysanky Inspired Eggs via

i am a huge fan of decorating Easter eggs! this year i wanted get extra inspired so when the fireman and i have our (unofficial) Annual Easter Egg Decorating CONTEST... i will bring home the gold. oh yeah, that's right... the gold. so here is are a few of the fantastic decorative eggs i found around the web! AND they all seem very do-able & fairly easy too. now off i go to pick up my gold leaf from the craft store!

*will you decorating eggs this weekend??
Gold Leaf Eggs via
(these are the little guys i plan on making!!)
Nail Polish Marbled Eggs via

Pantone Eggs via
Dip Dyed Eggs via
Sweet Heart Eggs via
Neon Dipped Eggs via

which one is your fave?


McKenna Lou said...

I love those gold leafed eggs! All of these are so pretty. I love this post. xx. McKenna Lou Ryan
p.s. Be sure to enter in our $50 Lisa Leonard gift card giveaway!

Unknown said...

I just LOVE the top ones so much, so pretty!!!!

henning love said...

i love that top collection of eggs the most, the blue ikat is just gorgeous. i love the gold paint on the eggs too

AlinaLoves said...

I posted a very similar post to yours on my blog - and I'm also going to decorate the eggs with my husband! He is very competitive so we are currently getting all our materials and tools ready to get the eggs decorated tomorrow morning - bring on the challenge! I love the Pantone and the gold leaf eggs - hopefully I can recreate some of these ideas, wish me luck! :)

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