March 04, 2013

image by me!

did you or would you change you last name to share the same last name as your hubby or wife??? until i met my main squeeze & now huuuuuuusband (the fireman) i never saw myself changing my last name. after my oldest brother got married, he told me this... once you're married you instantly have a new little family to protect & cherish, even if it's just the two of you, you're now your own family. and once i met the fireman i knew he was the guy i wanted to have as my new little family. even if it's just the two of us... & Charlie! 
SO..................... to make a long story short (and i may have mentioned it here), last week i changed my last name! like, whoa. it wasn't as complicated as i imagined, but it did take time, effort, and some pre-planning (make those DMV & SS appointments people!). here are the steps I took to change MY last name...

Step One:  Social Security Office
-- make an appointment
-- bring the correct documents:
current license/ID or passport, social security card, marriage certificate

Step Two:  DMV
-- make an appointment
-- bring the correct documents:
current license/ID, social security card, marriage certificate
-- put your make-up on because you'll be retaking your license picture! cheeeeeeese!

Step Three:  Passport 
(via Main Post Office)
-- bring the correct documents:
current license/ID or copy of temporary license, current passport, marriage certificate
-- get your hair did because if you don't bring your own photo, you'll need to take one there too!

Step Four:  Your Bank
-- bring the correct documents:
ATM card, current license/ID or passport, marriage certificate
-- make sure to order new checks, ATM card, & credit cards
-- if you are creating a joint account you can ask about that process then

Step Five:  All Other Accounts 
Legal Stuff:  Student loans, Vehicle titles, Mortgages, Voter registration
Personal:  Health insurance, Insurance cards (auto, home, etc), Utility companies, Gym membership, Social media profiles, Home address labels, Apartment rental contracts
Work Related:  Payroll– Talk to HR, Email address, Business cards, Email signature, LinkedIn profile

Step Six:  Surprise your new hubby with your NEW NAME!
-- if you can keep all these steps a secret from your man, then wait until your new ID comes and surprise him with the news... i think i may wrap my new driver's license in a gift box and let him open it!

............. and if you want to really be pro-active you can download this Name Change Packet and fill out all your paperwork before you go each place (DMV, Social Security, ect.)!

so, did you or would you change your last name???


Anonymous said...

Yes i also changed my name. I wish I had your instruction when I changed my name it would have made it much easier.

Anonymous said...

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Jennica said...

Dear God...I am totally dreading changing my name - mostly because I am lazy. But I feel like this is a signal for me to get on it! Super cute that you are going to surprise the hubs with it!

McKenna Lou said...

I wish I would have seen this right after I got married. xx. McKenna Lou

Vittoria @ The Beautiful Things said...

jeesh! that's a great post...although i've already decided i'm keeping mine!

xoxo from nyc & the beautiful things!

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Jess said...

yep, changed mine. there was a lot of hoop jumping; but i agree, it does make us a family in a new way.

Koko @ Koko Likes said...

Don't forget all the airline mileage plus programs! That took the longest for me! Calling/faxing, etc.!

R said...

surprising him would be such a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

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Chelsea **A Bit of Sass** said...

Thank you so much for posting this!! I recently got engaged and I've been wondering how I'm going to go about the process.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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