inspiration: organize the bling

September 23, 2011

wow! what a busy busy week! i have been a gal-on-the-go the past few days, and can't believe it's already friday... t-g-i-f (!) i don't know about you, but when my week gets jam-packed... and days begin to blend together (running here & sprinting there) my organization goes right out the window!! my closet is the first to suffer (we've all been there) and my jewelry isn't far behind. it begins to look like a tangled pile of golds, jewels, & gems (oh my!). so this weekend i plan to pull it together people! i'm going to organize my jewelry stash and who knows... i might even find some hidden treasures!

*here's some Organization-Inspiration for your little treasures (!)

o r g a n i z a t i o n - i n s p i r a t i o n . . .
{grab some cute little doorknobs to hang your necklaces on... TIP: Anthropologie has amazing ones!} 

{use little hooks for your jewels! also, creating a little vanity space is a great way for easy-getting-ready}

{you could always use a silverware holder to separate your necklaces from your bracelets... & make-up}

{i like the idea of hanging your bling on the side of a dresser... my mom does this. trendsetter!}

{last-but-not-least... throw your treasures on a good ole rake! Martha Stewart eat your heart out!}

which new organization tool will you try?
have a wonderful weekend.................. xo- the gal


Dallas Shaw said...

I like the doorknob idea

SiljeOhlaLA said...

The "good ol rake" is SUCH a cool idea!

Rachel said...

I had never seen a rake used for jewelry organization. So cute. I definetly need to do this. The little tree I have my stuff hanging on just isn't cutting it anymore.

<3 Rachel

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