Valentine's Gift Guide: FOR HIM!

February 06, 2013

4 ||  Pendleton Chief Blanket... $308
6 ||  "You're a Fox" card... $5
9 ||  Roost Jumbo Hourglass... $18
10 ||  Izola 'Tick Marks' Flask... $35
11 ||  Izola Jasmine Candle... $35
12 ||  ZGallerie Deer Head... $50

ok ok, now less about us and more about him. it IS Valentine's an all! i've taken a little bit of the stress out for your v-day shopping (or at least i hope i did) and put together this gift guide for you.  the fireman gave all these goods a MAN-THUMBS-UPso you're golden. if you're not seeing the perfect present here then check out this, this, or this Man Gift Guide. i hope you find some goodies that your main squeeze will love. now get ordering... because Valentine's Day is one week (& one day) away! 

what are your Valentine's Day plans???


AlinaLoves said...

Oh these are so utterly fabulous! What a great selection you've got here, what to choose? I love the Fox card - so quirky! And the dear head is such a great (and original) present - I wouldn't mind getting it myself!

McKenna Lou said...

I love # 12 and I think the Mr would too. Great List!! xx. McKenna Lou

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Love these!

Happy Valentines!

After Flats

Anonymous said...

Really, coasters? A bow tie?. Dust collector knick-knacks and a jasmine candle? These are "chick gifts".
There are no power tools, no high end electronics.
How about an expensive stud finder or lazer level? A GPS unit or a leatherman multi-tool or swiss army knife (Wenger brand, not Victorinox), or a nice annodized aluminum LED flashlight set.

I'm sorry, but the fireman sold us guys out to appease his new bride. "Sure honey, I'd love a seersucker bow tie. That's a great idea."
He can't be counted on to say how he really feels until at least five years into the marriage when the relationship finally becomes "real".

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