Holiday Gift Guide >> for HIM!

December 19, 2012

1 ||  railroad iPhone 5 case... $45
2 ||  Bose wireless speakers... $300
3 ||  Ray-Ban Wayfarer's... $200
4 ||  UGG slippers... $79
5 ||  iPhone fisheye lens... $70
8 ||  Pendleton board shirt... $115
10 ||  colorful cozy socks... $13
11 ||  Jack Black skincare/shaving... $12 - $45
12 ||  Apple TV... $99
13 ||  leather & brass belt... $85
14 ||  wood docking station... $22

i'm sorry for the late post today! i always try and have my posts up for you to read with your morning coffee... but maybe i'm getting you just in time for your afternoon caffeine fix. i hope so! here is a gift guide that i LOVE doing... the MAN GIFT GUIDE! finding the perfect gift for the man in your life can sometimes be a great challenge. i always try and find a few good gifts that cover the man-spectrum. here is my MAN GIFT success recipe... i try to buy the fireman something new for his wardrobe (like a new jacket or a great shirt), a piece of electronics (maybe something from Apple or a cool new gadget), and something i would never be interested in (like real-man-stuff... example: a killer flashlight). when i put all three gifts together the fireman is always surprised & stoked with his new MAN GEAR! 

so here are a few items that could be prefect for that special man in your life.
... or men, i have brothers too!

it's not too late!
check out more gift guides here:


Hannah said...

Great choices, love! Always tough finding things for those low maintenance dudes of ours!

VANESSA said...

I know! We're easy... We want everything!!!

Anonymous said...

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