December 21, 2012

1 ||  arrow cuff bracelet... $46
2 ||  sperry shearwater boots... $138
3 ||  poof ball beanie... $24
4 ||  chalkboard storage jar... $28
5 ||  sequin envelope wallet... $90
6 ||  art deco cuff... $128
7 ||  moccasin slippers... $34
10 ||  terrarium craft book... $13
11 ||  Henry Dinky watch... $150
12 ||  chi chi chia pet!... $18

jeeeeeeeez loueeeeeeeez! is it really Christmas next week? like, for real? how. how did this happen!!?
well if you are anything like me this year... you still need to do a little Christmas shopping. so here are a few ideas for stocking stuffers, a little something extra for your sister, mom, or bff... OR a just-incase-gift for that super friendly neighbor that tends to drop a gift by! feel free to even forward this post on to your honey as a last minute gift hint! (hint hint!) this year i've done a ton of my holiday shopping online... and i'm not a huge online shopper... but if you need MORE last last last minute gift options has a next-day delivery option. hope that helps! and good luck if you plan to go toe-to-toe with your local mall this weekend! 

check out more gift guides here...

have a great & safe weekend.


Thanh Le said...

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Thanh Le - HomeDesignLove.Com

VANESSA said...

thank you Le Trung Thanh!
... have a great holiday!

Christine Hopkins said...

Love the art deco bracelet!


AlinaLoves said...

I always like reading the 'gift guide' posts as they are so practical and handy! And these little beauties are gorgeous!

I just found your blog and I absolutely love it!

fashionbeautyquest said...

Gorgeous art deco cuff!!

Do you want to follow each other?

V said...

Number 8! I love it cause of the 'V' of course.


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