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October 02, 2011

// jack johnson //

i woke up from the sun shinning into my window this morning... i love that.
today is suppose to be a sunny 75 degree day in manhattan beach. so the first thing i put on the ipod was a little Jack Johnson! if you live by the beach it seems as if Jack Johnson is a staple go-to on your ipod play list. i hope you enjoy and reeeeelax today...

*see more "music sunday's" on the left index... xo!

{Jack Johnson "Taylor" this video is pretty funny with Ben Stiller}

{here's the same song Taylor.. it's my favorite Jack song! so here it is just as a song, no Ben. sorry Ben.}

now i'm off to meet a girlfriend for coffee and stroll through the Manhattan Beach Home Town fair!
have a nice day........... xxoo

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