11 things for FALL.

September 26, 2013

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Fall is by far my favorite time of the year! the weather starts to get cozy and cool, the fashion trends begin to change (and i get to pull all my favorite boots, sweaters, and hats out of the closet), and i always try out new warm and hardy recipes... plus, overcast rainy weather is my ultimate weather!

so here are a few things i'd like to do this cozy Fall ahead...

1. do more yoga.

2. finished one of my half knitted scarves from last Fall.

3. find a chai tea latte recipe and master the art of chai tea lattes at home.

4. find the perfect booty (short boot) to wear with skinnies boyfriend jeans or tights & a dress.

5. bake cookies for a friend.

6. clean out my closet (or at least all the summer stuff).

7. learn how to make banana bread from the fireman's aunt.

8. reorganize all my scarves, handbags, and shoes. 

9. wear more felt hats.

10. go on a babymoon with the fireman.

11. master a new soup recipe in the slow cooker.

what does your Fall to-do list look like???


Millita said...

I know it's fall (my favorite as well) when I go buy my pumpkin chai tea at David's Tea. And here is the chai latte recipe I made yesterday, so yummy :


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Unknown said...

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Love this list!

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